Slope Ball

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About Slope Ball

The targets of the game

Slope Ball is one of the most exciting running games. Control your ball to reach the finish line safely without colliding with obstacles on the track.

If you are a big fan of running games, such as Color Tunnel, you do not miss this game. Your character you must handle in the game is a ball which is one of the most common characters in dramatic running games. The gameplay of the game is quite similar to Geometry Dash Lite. You have to jump over the obstacles on the race track. They are traps, blocks in the way. So, you will lose your life if you crash into them. These obstacles are scattered on the road making the game even more difficult. What will you do to overcome it? Can you overcome these challenges? What strategy will you choose to join this game?

In order to win, you must complete a few key objectives. First, you have to go all the way to the finish line. You can see exactly how well you finished your track through a progress bar. This progress bar is full means you have reached the finish line and won. If you collide with an obstacle on the track, you will have to return to the starting position, which causes all your previous work to be eliminated. Therefore, you must try to dodge deadly obstacles by jumping over them.

Next, you must achieve three stars which is the highest reward for your efforts. Only when you get three stars can you pass the level or unlock higher levels. At that time, owning unique characters was also easier. When you only get one or two stars, you should play the game again.

How to control

Use the left mouse button to jump.

Some great features of Slope Ball

The game modes

There are two types of game modes for you to try. The Practice mode is suitable for those who want to improve their skills. You can choose this mode to practice and increase your hand speed, and quick reaction capacity. You can play this mode until you are a master. Move to the Normal mode if you want to enjoy the thrilling race track. You will participate in the fierce track with many dangerous obstacles. Wish you can finish all of them.

The difficulty levels

You can select one of five difficulty levels. They include Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, etc. Let's start with the easiest level. You can take turns playing the levels after you have enough experience. You will get over them easily. The highest level is waiting for you to conquer. It is a really terrible level because there are few people who can pass. Can you become one of the winners who can conquer all difficulty levels?

The characters

There are up to 7 different types of characters. Each category will include 12 characters. You can choose from silhouette, UFO, spaceship, Wave, Robot, Shuriken, etc. Each type of character will be suitable for different types of terrain. You can choose them freely to be able to conquer many levels. The higher you play, the more characters you unlock. Make the game more exciting with your favorite characters.