Geometry Dash Lite

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About Geometry Dash Lite

The mechanics of the game

Geometry Dash Lite offers an attractive adventure of a cube block character on the deadly track. Control your character to slide the longest distance.

Although the game is extremely simple, it also has equally dramatic gameplay. You can join the game right now to experience dangerous tracks, complex traps, and deadly obstacles. Are you a talented explorer or not? How far will you support your blocky character? If you are a big fan of the Geometry Dash series, do not miss this game.

Your task in this game is to control your character to dodge all the traps and obstacles on the way to reach the finish line successfully. It sounds easy, but it is not actually. You will face many difficulties on the dangerous track which contains a lot of death traps. They are so meticulously arranged that you can easily be fooled. They make your journey of discovery unfinished because it is impossible to continue. You are forced to start over if you crash into them. Observe closely and react quickly to control your character. In addition, the obstacles lying on the track are hindering your success. They are spikes or other cubes. If you crash into them, you will not be able to reach the finish line. So, you have to remember that they are dangerous and be wary of them. You will be safe if you overcome them skillfully.

It is said that the game is suitable for everyone because of its simple controls. You can invite your friends to join the game. In addition, if you want to play other running games, you can play Color Tunnel. It is one of the most exciting running games.

How to control

The keyboard: You use the spacebar to control it.

The mouse: You click the left mouse button to control it.

Some outstanding features of Geometry Dash Lite

Change another character

Besides the cube characters, there are many types of characters for you to choose from. You can freely choose your favorite character to start the game. Each character will contain new characteristics and things. Unlock all of them and enjoy. Let's find the character that is the suitest character for you. Some attractive characters that must be mentioned are Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, and Bobot characters. Both of them feature a lot of excellent functions. For example, the Ball character can help you to slide faster on the slope terrains. When you choose it, you can complete your track quickly. Moreover, the UFO character is the best choice if you want to jump over obstacles. Your actions will become easy and do not take a lot of time.

Get your name on the leaderboard

Like Death Run 3D, all your scores and progression will be recorded in the Stat section. Then, if you want to be ranked at the top of the leaderboard, you must get as many scores as possible. Try your best to win with the highest scores. The leaderboard also lets you know your status and your opponents' status. Can you overcome your opponent?