Monkey Mart

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The targets of Monkey Mart

Become the owner of a large market in Monkey Mart. Your task is to harvest agricultural products and put them on shelves so that customers can buy them.

Your first task is to harvest bananas and stack them on the shelf. When the customer has finished buying, you will go to the cashier and receive the money. From the money you earn, you can plant more bananas.

After you earn more money, you can plant more corn plants. It can be said that corn is the crop that makes you the most money. You can sell corn or use it to raise animals like chickens or dairy cows. From there, you can sell more eggs and cow's milk. Corn plants also help you make a lot of money by producing popcorn. Use the money you earn to expand the size of the supermarket.

Finally, when you have too much work to do, hire more monkeys. They will become your employees and help you to manage everything. Gradually, your shelves will be filled with food. You will become richer than ever. Good luck! Do not miss Pacman 30th Anniversary which is an attractive game for you.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control.

The upgrades in Monkey Mart

In the game, you can boost your assistants and animal on your mart. Firstly, You can upgrade your character by increasing the stack level. Your character will be lighter and run faster. In addition, you can upgrade the stamina, stack, and speed levels of assistants and farmers. From there, you will not be overloaded with work. Finally, chicken, cow, and microwaves should also be boosted to increase productivity and output.

What's more, to make your monkey character become more attractive, you can purchase some hats for it. There are a lot of hats, such as Fedoras, Top hats, snapbacks, Trilby hats, Berets, etc. Let's choose the most suitable for your monkey.