Drive Mad

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The game rules of Drive Mad

Drive Mad offers various deadly tracks that you must conquer to pass the level. Control your car skillfully to reach the finish line without overturning.

Crazy challenges await you in this game. You will join the game and control your car. Depending on each level, you will have to control the car to the finish line at different locations. However, things are not as easy as you think. Your car can completely overturn. As a result, you will have to replay the level. Try to be able to reach the finish line from the first play. You should also pay attention when accelerating. Do not go too fast unless your car will be rolled over

Some exciting levels in Drive Mad

It can be said that this is one of the games with the most levels. 100 levels are waiting for you. They will gradually become difficult and force you to have skills and tactics to overcome them. If you cannot complete the mission, you will be stuck and cannot move to the next level. In the Back Up level, your car has to go back to reach the finish line, which is very different from other driving. Next, the Smash Hit level requires you to crash through a lot of walls to complete the mission. Please speed up to eliminate them. You will control the car with square wheels in Square Wheels level. It gives you a challenge when the wheel can make you overturn at any time. Can you overcome all levels? Let's play until you can pass 100 levels and become the champion of the game.

Beat the levels with the keyboard

W, D, X, the up arrow, and the right arrow to steer forward.

S, A, Z, Down arrow, left arrow to steer backward.