Moto X3M

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Some facts about Moto X3M

The game rules

Moto X3M is a fierce racing game, where you will play as a real racer. You have to control the motorbike skillfully to reach the finish line.

A beautiful sea road is waiting for you in the game. You will be a super cool racer and control a sports motorcycle. The great experience of racing will be recreated in the game. Your dream of driving a moto has come true after you join this game. It stimulates the process of steering a motorcycle in real life. So, you should join this game to enjoy it.

At the beginning of the game, your path is quite flat. It becomes difficult to go through them. However, when you go further, everything seems to be getting harder for you. The track is not as flat as before. Rough roads appeared consecutively. They cause your speed to drop. The steep slopes are tough challenges. You have to try to get uphill without overturning the car. Once you get uphill, you have to face a difficult downhill. You can lose control if you're not paying attention. It can cause your character to fall off the vehicle. Then your car will be blown up, which is the result of unsafe driving.

In addition, there are countless other terrains that you have to overcome, such as curved roads, and arc ways. They are non-physical. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to overcome them safely. Color Tunnel is another example of a dangerous road. You can join it now.

How to control

Use the arrow key to control.

Press the up arrow key to accelerate.

Balance your bike with the left and right arrow keys.

Brake by pressing the down arrow key.

The traits of Moto X3M

Variety of obstacles

Besides the fierce racing tracks, the game also has many different obstacles. They are interlaced on your track. They are heavy iron rods that can fall at any moment. You must pass quickly before they fall. Constantly spinning cogs can crush you. You have to take advantage of the terrain and speed up to pass. Do not neglect the wooden bars, either. They can be a thing to help you get over steep terrain. However, they can collapse and leave you in deadly traps.

To overcome them, you can play the game a few times to understand how they work. You will learn many valuable lessons after each failure. You can also practice many times to improve your skills. Additionally, you can participate in Slope Ball to train your hand speed.

Many challenging levels

There are many difficult levels waiting for you. They will bring difficulties and challenges. They will increase gradually through the levels. You will experience each level of the track. How challenging can this race be? Let's experience it. Hopefully, you can unlock as many levels as possible, which shows you are a great player. You can conquer the most difficult levels, and become the coolest racer ever.