Color Tunnel

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Some information about Color Tunnel

The game rules

Color Tunnel is an intensive running game where you can experience a deadly track. You must overcome as many obstacles as possible to level up and get scores.

The tunnel has become one of the most popular race tracks. The tunnel will make you feel overwhelmed by the closed space. It causes a bit of pressure for you while playing the game. So, it makes the game more difficult than ever. You must try your best to complete your tasks.

Firstly, you must encounter a challenging race track which is the closed hexagonal tunnel. You can run on whatever face of the tunnel. will make you highly focused on completing the task. The tunnel will rotate if you switch to its other way. There will not be any external forces applied. Your character will run in momentum. So you can freely navigate and choose surfaces with fewer obstacles. However, the color of the tunnel makes you refuse. It has all kinds of colorful or magical 3D contours, which distracts you and can lead to a loss of control. The color of the race track will be changed after each level. You must be careful unless you will become the loser. It is said that rarely does any game have unique graphics like the game. Therefore, it is one of the best games for you. Do not miss it.

Next, on the tunnel, there are a lot of hazardous obstacles. They are red blocks with many shapes, such as cylinders, triangles, pentagons, etc. They are distributed unevenly on the tunnel. You must remember that they can move. They can rotate around the tunnel. So, if you do not take caution, you will crash crash into them. As a result, the game is over. You do not have any chance to continue your journey. You have to restart the game and try to get a large number of scores.

Finally, the further you go, the more points you get. Your score will be summed up as soon as you finish a turn. You should try to be able to score as many points as possible. Then, let's break your record after each time you play. How many scores you can get? Will you become the best player in the game? The game is available on our web for you to try. You also recommend the game to your friends and family. Both of you will play the game in turn and determine the winner who has more scores. Good luck.

How to control

You will use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. What's more, you also do not need to use many keys when playing games.

The left arrow key or A to turn left.

The right arrow key or D to turn right.

Some features of Color Tunnel

Level up

Although the tunnel is like an endless race track, you can level up. You cannot finish your race except by crashing into obstacles. Strive to get as far as possible. You will level up if you get a high score and keep running. However, the color of the tunnel will change through each level. These colors make your racing feel like it is renewed with each level. You will experience many different tunnels. In addition, every time you level up, you will face more obstacles. There will be more obstacles. Moreover, they are also more difficult to overcome. So, let's prepare a perfect strategy along with your great skills to conquer the tunnel. How many levels you can reach?

The first-person perspective game

You do not know your character exactly because this is a first-person perspective game. In the game, you will experience all activities from the perspective of your character, which makes the game become realistic. You will be the runner in the game. Usually, the first-person perspective is applied to shooting games. But when it is applied to design running games, you will get many unique experiences. In addition, the first-person perspective can help you to observe the race track closely. Your range of vision also becomes wider. As a result, you can watch out for obstacles without blocking any things. Let's join this fascinating game. It is highly addictive and attractive. The game definitely will not let you down.

Some tips to get many scores in Color Tunnel

Change your direction constantly

As you know, there are no hints for you so you have to try your best. Pay attention to strategies to be able to conquer the longest distance. You should pay attention to all the obstacles on the road. They appear suddenly and make you unable to react. You can move continuously between the surfaces of the tunnel to be able to dodge obstacles. Here's a temporary tip that may help you to go further. Let's apply this trick to overcome as many red blocks as possible. As a result, your scores will increase gradually.

Practice your skills

The game requests you to have some skills to play the game, such as reaction skills, hand speed, good observation ability, etc. You should practice both of them to complete the game successfully. Especially, your reaction skill will be an important factor to help you to succeed. You will react faster when facing a lot of obstacles that appear suddenly. You will probably dodge most of the blocks on the tunnel. Therefore, you can improve your score and level up. Make an effort to become the person who has the highest scores in the game.

Replay many times

Besides some tips mentioned, you need to practice more by replaying the game many times. Your turns for you to play the game are unlimited. You can replay it many times to improve your scores. When you play the game many times, you will become a master and catch the game's rhythm better. In addition, you also get a large number of valuable lessons from your mistakes and failures. Join the game now to train.