Connect Dots

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Some information about Connect Dots

Connect Dots help you train your thinking ability and brain. You need to connect all the dots to make a shape without redrawing the connected lines.

Welcome to this fascinating brain hack game. The game will entertain you and train your thinking ability. When joining the game, you can completely unleash your creativity. You must create a pattern by connecting the dots on the screen. However, it is not as easy as you might imagine. You are not allowed to draw repeating lines.

Additionally, you can play multiple times until you can pass the level. Press the Undo button to remove the drawn line or press the Replay button to delete all lines. Your number of plays is not limited. So, you need to observe and try to create complete drawings.

To win in Connect Dots

To play the game, you will use your left mouse. Hold it and drag it to draw. You can stop to think and observe before drawing the following lines. You must avoid repeated lines unless you will lose. The difficulty will increase gradually. So, you need to come up with an excellent strategy to win. Besides, when you struggle or cannot draw, you can replay the level. If you have a mistake, you can undo it to remove a line. If you can complete the game, you are the best player.