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Some facts about Slope

The gameplay

Slope is a thrilling running game with many challenges waiting for you. Control your ball to avoid the red tiles and try to run as far as possible.

The game gives you the thrill when controlling the ball to roll on the dangerous road. Your track is placed in the air. So, it contains more risks than conventional races. You can fall down at any time if you are not paying attention. It is also very narrow which is also one of the reasons why the game becomes more difficult. You will need to use smart strategy along with your ingenuity to be able to win. Remember that all your efforts will be rewarded.

On the track, you need to keep some things in mind in order to go further. First, you have to dodge falling. If you fall, the game is over, which means you have to play the game again. Therefore, the score you get is also not high. Try to be careful to get as many scores as possible. In addition, you need to pay attention to the unusual tiles that are placed on the track. There are two types of titles. The first is the green tiles. When your ball rolls on the green brick, you are safe. On the contrary, red tiles will cause you to lose your life. You need to avoid the red tiles. Do not touch or crash them. They often appear on the sides of the track. Pay attention to them.

Like Geometry Dash Lite, you must try to assist your character in sliding the longest distance. On the endless tracks, the further you go the more points you get. Therefore, you do not miss all of them. You can join the running games to check your skills and put your name at the top of the leaderboard. Good luck!

How to control

Use A or the left arrow key to turn left.

Use D or the right arrow key to turn right.

Some tricks to beat challenges in Slope

Roll in the middle of the track

As you know, dangerous red tiles are often arranged at the edge of the road. So, going in the middle of the road will help you dodge them best. You can promptly handle worse situations that suddenly occur. In addition, you also can avoid falling off the track when you run in paths without walls. Apply this tip in order to get a large number of scores.

Roll on the edge when running on incline paths

The game offers a lot of challenging terrain for you, which is similar to Color Tunnel. In the game, you must encounter incline paths. They can make you lose control, and then cause you to fall down. To continue running, you must navigate your ball to the higher edge for balance. This is very important. If you let the ball continue to roll, by inertia, it will fall out of the track. Moreover, you cannot control the ball's speed directly, so you need to have more clever strategies to win.