Temple Run 2

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About Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is a dramatic running game, where you must run to escape a monster's pursuit. Control your character to avoid obstacles and collect coins.

As an explorer of the ancient temple, you will have to face some dangers. In this ancient temple, there are monsters guarding to prevent anyone from coming to take away the treasure and gold coins. Your character came here and woke the monster. It chases you very hard. Will the monster let go of the adventurer? Are you willing to help him?

Your first task is to run as far as possible. The narrow streets in the air will be the place where you show your talent. Do not fall off the track. You need to turn right or turn left to avoid falling below. You will have to restart if you cannot stay on track. In addition, there are many other obstacles that stand in your way. Big rocks force you to jump over. If you cannot jump over them in time, you will be caught by the monster. Besides, big logs are waiting for you. You cannot jump over them. Sliding through them is the best way for you. Next, you may have to swing over a rope to get to another track. Follow the instructions to go further.

Finally, you need to collect the gold coins on the race track. They will help you in the upcoming races. Do not miss them if collecting gold coins keeps you safe. Remember that if the gold coins are in an unfavorable position or they can kill your character, you should not take them. Now, you can join the game freely. Like Moto X3M, this game is available on our web for you to try.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to control.

W or the up arrow key to jump.

S or the down arrow key to slide.

A or the left arrow key to turn left.

D or the right arrow key to turn right.

Your daily challenges

You must complete challenges successfully to get scores, which is similar to Color Tunnel. Your daily task is to collect the required amount of gold coins. The number of required coins will increase gradually. When you complete the quest five days in a row, you will be opening the mystery chest. It can contain thousands of gold coins or an ability. They will help you complete more daily challenges. So, try your best to accumulate many gold coins.

Some abilities you can upgrade in Temple Run 2

The shield duration

You can upgrade the shield duration if having many gold coins. It will help you use the shield for a longer period of time. Therefore, you can completely survive longer even if you collide with obstacles. You can upgrade the shield duration by 25% for each boost.

The coin magnet

Magnet is the most amazing ability to collect gold coins. You can still get lots of gold coins without running over them. You can save time and avoid more risks thanks to it. So, let's use your coins to boost it many times.

The boost distance

With this ability, you can increase the boost distance by 50 meters. Then, you will run faster. As a result, you can run away from the scary monster. You need to pay 100 gold coins to boost your ability.