Dino Game

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Some things about Dino Game

Some rules of the game

Dino Game is an amusing running game with a tyrannosaurus rex character. Your task is to control your T-rex to avoid many cacti by jumping over them.

With an extremely simple design, the surrounding scenery does not have many objects. Your mission is only related to the T-rex dinosaur character. The game also does not use many colors. Everything is simplified to create a comfortable feeling for players. You will also be easier to see when playing this game because the contrasting colors make it easier to notice. Characters and obstacles will be black. It stands apart from other games due to its simple graphics.

Like Color Tunnel, the gameplay of the game is also straightforward. You must control your character to overcome obstacles such as cacti and birds to obtain an impressive score. If you crash into them, you will lose your life instantly. Your score also may not be as expected. If you want to go long distances, you need to practice more. You can play many times to get more experience. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to practice skills such as hand speed, and quick reaction. These skills are essential factors to help you get the highest score. Besides this game, if you are keen on attractive running games, you can play Happy Wheels.

How to control

To run the longest distance, you must jump over a lot of cacti. You do not use many keys. Let's press the spacebar to jump.

Some challenges in Dino Game

The dangerous obstacles

As mentioned, the game has a fairly simple design. So, the obstacles that you encounter in this game are cacti and birds. The cactus can stand alone. Then, you just need to jump over easily. However, there may be several cacti standing next to each other. They form a line. You need to hold the spacebar to help your T-rex character jump further. In addition, unexpected birds appearing in the sky can put you at risk. They can appear as soon as you jump over the cactus. So, you have to quickly help T-rex land to avoid them. Sometimes, out of habit, you will jump when you meet them, which is also one of the reasons why you lose.

The speed character

Initially, the character's running speed is not too fast, you can pass the cactus easily. However, the further you go, the faster the speed increases. You will have to try to overcome the cactus and the birds that appear unexpectedly. The game requires you to have agility. You are not allowed to make mistakes unless you will lose. Good luck!

The scene of the game

When going a long distance, the background of the game will change from day to night. It will change from white to black. And vice versa. Your character and obstacles will change from black to white, which is quite novel and interesting. You can tell that you have been playing long enough to be able to change the state of time.