Run Run Duck

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Some information about Run Run Duck

Join an amusing adventure of a duck in Run Run Duck. The game requests you to collect many coins and get the golden egg to complete the level.

The adventure of the golden duck will bring you extremely interesting experiences. You have to steer it on the path. If you come across gold coins, collect them. Besides, there are many large pits. You must control your duck to jump over them. Do not fall down unless you will lose your life. Your golden duck will face a lot of small monsters. Each type of monster will have different characteristics. However, they can cause your duck character to lose his life. Small yellow or pink monsters can be destroyed by jumping on top of them. However, the black monsters cannot be destroyed. You are forced to jump over them to continue your journey. Finally, do not overlook the mysterious gift boxes. They will bring you pleasant surprises.

Moreover, you must remember to pass the level, you must run until you see a golden egg. When you reach it, you can advance to the following level. Try your best to win the game. Then, you can continue relaxing with Slope Ball, where you can immerse yourself in other challenges.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

The tips to pass the level in Run Run Duck

  • Three lives: You only have three lives per level. If you use up all 3 lives before touching the golden egg, you will have to replay the level. Use them effectively to move to the following level. If you waste it, you will not pass the level because you cannot collect more lives along the way.
  • Power-ups in the gift boxes: As you know, there are different types of monsters. Black monsters are the hardest to kill. You can only make them disappear when you have power-ups that are hidden in gift boxes. Your character will become big and be able to defeat black monsters. In addition, you can also get armor sets to protect from pink and yellow monsters.