One Punch Battle

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About One Punch Battle

The principles of the game

One Punch Battle is an intensive sports game. To beat your rivals and knock your opponent down, you must strike, and punch him continuously.

The game has two attractive game modes for you. The first mode is the 1P mode. In this mode, you will join the game alone. And your opponent will be controlled by the computer. You will control the remaining boxer. When playing the game, you have to constantly make attacks to attack the opponent. You hold down the spacebar button to increase the power of the punch. You have to fight continuously until your opponent runs out of energy. In addition, you must try to maintain a fighting state to protect yourself. Do not run out of energy. Finally, after three rounds, the boxer who wins many times will become the champion.

In the 2P mode, the gameplay is similar to the 1P mode. You must try your best to knock your rival down. However, your rival in this mode is not the boxer controlled by the computer. You will join the game with another one. Use Q and P on the keyboard to control your characters. Compete through 3 rounds to determine the winner.

Finally, when you finish the game, you can move to Geometry Dash Lite to continue relaxing. Both of them are available on our web. You can join freely.

How to control

1P mode: Use the spacebar to play

2P mode:

Player 1: Use Q to play.

Player 2: Use P to play.

Some features of One Punch Battle

Collect as many gloves as possible

When you win a match, you can receive some gloves as a reward for the champion. The more gloves you have, the stronger you become. These gloves are the symbol of the winner. Try to win as many matches as possible. Collect more gloves to become a great player.

Chang another character

The number of gloves that you get after winning can be used to change characters. You can choose other characters with greater damage, speed, and energy. They also have very eye-catching designs. Choose for yourself the most powerful boxer to join the game.