Happy Superman

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About Happy Superman

The targets

Happy Superman brings an ultimate car race between superheroes. Navigate your character to complete challenging tasks, and accumulate coins and gems.

In this game, you will transform into a superhero. Your mission is to win the fierce races. You will get a lot of gold coins and gems if you can be the first to finish. Try to complete your mission. Each game mode has its own set of targets. You need to complete all of them well.

The first game mode is the Challenge mode. In this mode, you have to be clever to control the car to go as far as possible. You should take advantage of the items available on the track to be able to go faster. The speed signs will help you go as fast as possible. In addition, the power-ups are hidden in mysterious boxes that will help you avoid collisions with opponents or remove obstacles on the race track. Do not forget to collect many gold coins. They can help you to exchange other characters and cars.

The second mode is the Story mode. This mode requires you to complete some tasks. For example, you must become one of five people who reach the finish line first. Next, the required coins must be collected enough. Finally, you need to crash at least 5 times, which makes your enemies' speed decrease. Furthermore, there are a lot of levels in this mode. You must pass the level and move to the following levels.

How to control

The up arrow key to accelerate.

The down arrow key to decelerate.

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

The left mouse to use skills.

The traits of Happy Superman

Like Geometry Dash Lite, the game has a lot of exciting features. Why don't you join the game and experience them? Now, you can join the games on our web. They are available for you to play.

The daily rewards

You can get a lot of rewards if you often join the game. Every day, a different reward will be given. You can receive a large number of coins or some power-ups, such as a shield, thunder, bomb, etc. You will finish the game quickly.

The daily tasks

The game also offers a lot of tasks. If you can meet the requirements, you can earn 2000 to 2500 gold coins. Make an effort to finish your challenging tasks.

The superheroes and cars

When you have enough coins and gems, you can unlock other characters. Both of them own supercars that are fast and powerful. Therefore, you have to complete as many missions as possible to gather coins and gems. Good luck!