Wizard Mike

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The mechanics of Wizard Mike

Enjoy the extremely attractive battles in Wizard Mike. You will transform into a wizard to beat many kinds of monsters by using a magic scepter.

Your character in this game is the wizard Mike. He is a guardian of the peace of this forest. Unfortunately, the forest is being invaded by many terrifying monsters. They want to defeat the witch to invade the forest. You will support Mike to protect the forest. You will need to use the scepter to shoot toward the monsters. Remember that the number of uses of the scepter is not much. You only have 5 uses. If you use all 5 turns but the monster is not killed, you lose.

A few tips for you are to take advantage of the terrain. You will see the platforms in the game. If you shoot at them, the bullets will bounce back and hit your opponent. Explosives are also very useful. They help you defeat many monsters at once. You can also use rolling stones to get rid of monsters.

Customize your character in Wizard Mike

After you complete the task excellently, you will get 300 coins. You can accumulate them to be able to upgrade your character.


You can buy magic hats for your character. They are quite beautiful. Their prices are also quite cheap. You will make your character look more attractive. The better the hat, the more expensive it is. You can unlock all of them to give your character more options. He will be like a real wizard.

Magic scepters

It is best if you can exchange other magic scepters which have different features. They will help you destroy more opponents. The strength of each scepter will be different. If you want to experience them, use gold coins to unlock them.


There are many witch suits on display in the shop. Choose for your character the most amazing suit. They will make the game no longer boring. Have fun!