Viking Escape

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The game rules of Viking Escape

Help a king escape from the dangerous forest in Viking Escape. Your mission is to eliminate all monsters and bosses to win while avoiding the attack of rivals.

You are a warrior riding a dragon in this game. You have a lot of cutting-edge weapons. You need to take advantage of these ultimate weapons to be able to defeat the dangerous enemies that appear in the forest. Firstly, you will face small monsters. You need to change weapons constantly to be able to defeat them. Each type of monster will need to use different weapons to get the best results. Use the weapons in turn to find the most suitable weapon. Secondly, you will have to defeat the boss that is the most powerful. To defeat them, you both use your weapon and direct the dragon so that it shoots fireballs at the opponent. As a result, you will beat it faster. The fierce battle in the game will attract you. You will not be able to stop playing the game. It will bring you many interesting experiences. Come on and play the game now. Let's try your best to become the winner.

Controls in Viking Escape

W to fly high.

S to fly down.

A to fly back.

D to fly forward.

The spacebar to attack.