Turn Turn

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The appeals of Turn Turn

Welcome to Turn Turn to assist many cars to turn or cross the roads. You need to navigate the required cars to complete the level and advance to the next level.

On the road, there are many vehicles. You will navigate your cars to be able to cross the road or turn successfully. Just like in traffic in real life, you also need to look before you change lanes, cross the road, or turn right or left. In this game, you also need to pay attention to avoid collisions with other cars. If you crash into them, you lose. However, if you can navigate your car to turn right behind cars with money in the back, your money will increase dramatically. You will also face more risks when trying to make money.

To pass the level, you need to bring the required number of vehicles to cross the road or turn. If a vehicle is involved in a collision, you will have to start over. Try to be able to unlock many levels. Good luck!

Controls in Turn Turn

You need to control the cars in turn. Help each car turn right or turn left. Then you continue your work with other cars. You need the left mouse button most to help them turn or cross. When they turn or cross successfully, they will go automatically. So, you need to release the left mouse button. Continue your job until you can pass the level. In this game, you do not need to combine too many operations. So, it is highly easy for everyone. You can join the game to experience it.