Tower Match

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The highest tower in Tower Match

Follow the strict rules to build the tower

Tower Match is an amusing arcade game. When joining the game, you need to stack floors accurately to build the highest tower and get many coins.

The tallest tower is a building with many floors. If you build the tallest building, you own it. To own the tallest tower, your task is to stack the moving floors. When they pass through the tower, you have to press the left mouse button so that they can be matched with each other. If you match the floors correctly, you will have plenty of room to match other floors. If you slide them, the redundant parts will be removed. As a result, your tower will get smaller at the top. You will lose if you fail to match.

The game requests you to have ingenuity when playing the game. You will get many gold coins after completing the mission. The higher the tower, the more coins you get.

How to control

Use the left mouse button to stack the floors.

Explore some upgrades in Tower Match

When you have more coins, you can use them to purchase many upgrades. The first one is the Start Boost. It can help you get more floors even if you do not match them. You need to click the bar to select the number of floors that can be stacked. Next, the Double Coins will increase your coins significantly. Do not miss it to earn many coins. The last one is the Extra Width which can make the width of the floors larger. As a result, you can stack many floors with high accuracy.