Tower Climb

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How to play Tower Climb

Welcome to Tower Climb where you can climb in the endless tower. To get the highest scores, you need to climb higher and avoid hitting many spikes.

You will transform into a guy with climbing talent. To be able to climb the skyscraper tower, you need to use the mouse. Click the left mouse button to make your character climb. However, things are not as simple as you might imagine. On the tower, there will be platforms with many spikes. If you keep climbing, you will crash into them. As a result, you will lose. So you have to avoid them. Please click on the opposite side to avoid sharp spikes.

In this game, you do not need to use too many operations, however, you have to be really agile. The ability to observe is also applied in the game. Train your amazing abilities to become one of the best players with an impressive score.

Some strategies to climb higher in Tower Climb

Besides the spikes, lava is one of the challenges that you have to confront. They will gradually rise. If you do not climb quickly to the top, you will be engulfed by them. So you have to climb as fast as possible.

If you practice many times, you will master the game. Don't be discouraged when you fail. Your score will improve over the course of the game. Lessons learned will help you get high scores.