Tiles Of Egypt

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The game rules of Tiles Of Egypt

Tiles Of Egypt offers a playing field with many images related to the Egyptian Pyramids. Select three same tiles to place on the hand and make them disappear.

On the playing field, there are many tiles printed with images related to the pyramids. You need to select three identical tiles and place them in the hand. Then they will disappear. You should note that the hand can only hold seven tiles. If you don't remove the tiles to clear the space you will lose.

In addition, the tiles are stacked on top of each other. You cannot get the tiles on the layer below. Try to clear them in turn to win. After completing the level, you will receive 3 stars which is the highest reward for you.

Some power-ups in Tiles Of Egypt

The Undo

You must use your stars to buy this power-up. You can use it when you have a wrong decision. You can go back to the previous step. However, don't overdo it. Come up with a clever strategy to win.

The Shuffle

This power-up can change the position of the tiles. They can move from the lower layer to the upper layer. You can easily select the same tiles easily. Try your best to win.