Tiger Run

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What is Tiger Run

Control your character to run further in Tiger Run. The game requests you to navigate a tiger while avoiding many obstacles and collecting many stars.

Normally, the tiger will be locked up at the zoo. However, there is a mischievous tiger. It has escaped from the zoo and is trying to escape the guard. It is trying to run fast on the road and dodge all the obstacles. Please join the game to be able to support it.

The road will be divided into three lanes. There are many cars on the road. You are not allowed to crash into them unless you will lose. You have to remember, barriers also make your characters stop. Jump over them as quickly as possible.

In addition, on the road, there are lots of stars. Please collect them. The stars are the rewards for your efforts. The more stars you collect, the better you play the game. How many stars do you collect?

Some tricks to win in Tiger Run

Win this game by breaking your record through the turns. You can take advantage of the power-ups that you can collect on the way. They will help you easily run away from the guard's pursuit. Besides, you can also use the number of stars you have to buy the power-ups. Three power-ups are available. The first is the magnet which can help you gather a lot of stars. The next is the boost. Your tiger can fly in a short time. As a result, you can avoid a lot of dangerous obstacles. The last is X2. You can double your stars thanks to them.

Besides taking advantage of the power-ups, you should practice regularly to be able to keep up with the game and become more proficient.