Temple Jewels

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The principle of Temple Jewels

Temple Jewels is an amusing puzzle game where you can train your brain. You will match three or more same jewels to clean them before the time runs out.

The setting of the game is inspired by the temple that has appeared in many other games. However, your task when exploring this temple is to match at least three similar jewels to remove them from the playing field. If you match many jewels in the same horizontal or vertical row, you will get a large number of scores. Moreover, if you match both horizontal and vertical rows at the same time, your score will be doubled.

In addition, you also focus on your time. The circle in the top left corner will show your remaining time. If you think too long before matching, the time will count down faster. So you need to be agile when matching them. Good luck!

Some tips to complete the level in Temple Jewels

If you want to pass the level, you need to get a high score. Agility is the most important factor in your success because your time is limited. You will not have too much time to do it. Besides, you also use hints to match the jewels. You will have some hints which can help you match the jewels effectively. As a result, you can own many scores. The higher the level, the harder it is. Try your best to win.