Temple Crossing

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Join a thrilling adventure at Temple Crossing

Some challenges when joining this adventure

Temple Crossing offers a journey to explore ancient temples. Your mission is to expand bridges to cross different platforms while trying to collect gold coins.

If you are an adventure lover then do not miss this game. You will be taking part in an exciting adventure. You will admire the grandeur of ancient structures with many wonderful temples.

When joining the game, you have to help your character, a savvy adventurer, cross as many platforms as possible. The platforms are arranged to create gaps. You need to expand the bridge to be able to help your character cross them. You should note that if your bridge is too long or too short, your character will be dropped. You need to align to get the bridges with the proper length. You will get a point if you can pass a platform.

While expanding the bridge, you can collect gold coins. They are usually placed on the other side of the platform. It forces you to cross platforms to collect them. Additionally, you can use them to buy power-ups.

How to overcome challenges

You need to create bridges of different sizes to be able to cross the platforms. You will use the left mouse button to make the bridge longer. The longer you hold the left mouse button, the longer your bridge will be. Please align the length of the bridge reasonably to be able to cross the platforms.

Some outstanding power-ups in Temple Crossing


This power-up can help you jump from platform to platform. You should use it if the front platform is too small. It will help you land successfully. You need 10 coins to buy it. Therefore, you need to collect many coins to purchase many power-ups. Then, you can get the highest scores.

Second chance

You need 50 coins to use this power-up. When you use it, you can pass another chance if your character falls down. You will continue your journey and keep collecting coins. This power-up is excellent.

Accurate eye

This power-up costs 100 coins. You can align the length of the bridge based on the dot lines. You can align better. Your bridges also have the correct length. So, you can pass the challenging platforms easily.