Sushi Rush

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The attraction of Sushi Rush

Help a sushi piece so as not to be consumed in Sushi Rush. You must navigate your character to jump over lots of platforms and avoid the sushi dishes.

This is an entertaining game that helps you to relax and express stress. The sushi piece needs to go as far as possible to get the highest scores. You must control it to jump forward and pass many platforms. Your scores will correspond to the number of your jumps. Therefore, you must try your best to go further.

What's more, when you go, you must avoid the obstacles on the track. You can jump into a space that does not have any obstacles. So, focus on the game to handle your character well. You also jump fast to avoid losing. Good luck!

Some items in Sushi Rush

  • The sushi dishes: You do not jump into these dishes because they will make your character be eaten.
  • The dishes: They can block your way. Therefore, you must avoid them to avoid wasting time.
  • The wooden steamers: These steamers can make your character burn. As a result, you will die if you jump in them a lot of times.
  • The wine: Avoid wine to go the longest distance.