Sushi Grab

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Serve fastidious customers in Sushi Grab

Sushi Grab offers exciting gameplay where you need to meet all requirements of customers. In the allotted time, you have to complete their orders to get coins.

You will be the owner of the sushi restaurant. They will serve dishes, such as sushi, sashimi, etc. These dishes are placed on a conveyor belt and are constantly moving. After the customer places an order, you only have one minute to grab all the items the customer ordered. If you can't get your job done, the customer will get angry and leave. As a result, you cannot earn money.

In addition, if you grab the wrong dish, the customer will also pay you less. So try to earn as many gold coins as possible.

How to create the best service in Sushi Grab

Serving all customers is one of the best ways you have a lot of customers. To serve them, you need to upgrade some things.

  • Increase speed: Increased grab speed will help you get more sushi. You can satisfy many customers.
  • Extra money: When you upgrade this item, you can earn a lot of money.
  • More time: You can increase customer waiting time.
  • Happy cat: It will help you get more customers. It's like a god of luck in your restaurant.
  • Rainbow sushi: It is loved by a lot of customers and can bring you more profit.
  • Complete order: The number of orders will be completed automatically.