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The target of StarBlast

StarBlast is an attractive shooting game in a vast space. Your mission is to shoot other spaceships to get scores and explode meteors to gather gems.

A terrifying clash in the universe. What will you do to be able to survive to the end? Will you win this game? Join the game now to test your shooting ability. Aim at the targets to be able to destroy them.

First, your spaceship is quite small, so you need to collect more gems to upgrade them. There are 32 spaceships waiting for you. They include FuryStar, Vanguard, Bastion, Marauder, Howler, etc. You can own amazing spaceships or powerful battleships. You will take turns piloting many different types of spacecraft to explore the vast galaxy. Next, you have to blow the meteorites up. You will avoid colliding with them if they disappear. In addition, the inside of the meteorite will definitely have gems. When they explode. These gems will definitely belong to you. Finally, there are many other spacecraft present in this galaxy. They have the same purpose as you. You have to dodge your larger spaceships. If there are smaller spaceships, you can shoot them down to get gems.

The game has four different modes that may be selected from the game's main menu. They are Team, Survival, Death Match, and Invasion modes. Each mode will have its own unique and interesting points. You can join the modes in turn to experience them.

The game allows you to play alone or with many other people. You can share the room link to invite your friends to join the game. The battle will become more intense. You have to be very calm to handle all the challenges. Good luck. In addition, Death Run 3D is one of the most exciting games. It would be best if you did not miss it.

How to control

Z to screenshot.

Ctrl/Cmd to toggle RCS.

Tab to show leaderboard.

R to show radar.

C to show commands.

F11 to toggle fullscreen.

Mouse Left Click to fire the main weapon.

Scroll the wheel to toggle secondary weapons.

WASD to move.

Alt to fire the secondary weapon.

Shift to change secondary weapons.