Snake Game

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Some things about Snake Game

The goals of the game

Join an attractive competition among many snakes in Snake Game. You must control your snake to avoid crashing into other snakes and eat many apples.

To become the longest snake in the game, you must consume as many red apples as possible. The apples can make your snake's body longer. When you are longer than others, you must take caution because your snake will move more difficult. In addition, if your snake collides with the wall, you will lose. As a result, you must control your character well. Use some capacities when navigating it. You must be skillful and clever to become the winner with the longest snake.

In addition, you also ensure that you always exist on the playing field. The game is over and you must stop the game when you crash into other snakes' bodies. You must turn left or turn right in time to avoid hitting them. You also eliminate them by making them hit your snake's body. Be careful. When completing the game, you can play Temple Run 2.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move your snake.

The items you must avoid

  • The bombs: On the playing field, there are a lot of bombs. You mustn't eat them. When you eat them, your snake will blow up. As a result, the game is over. You have to restart the game.
  • The green potions: Besides bombs, you are not allowed to consume green potions. These green potions will make your snake shorter. If you eat many potions, your snake will die. Be careful.

Some game modes in Snake Game

The practice mode

If you are a beginner, you can choose this mode to play. In this mode, there are fewer other snakes than in the normal mode. You can collect red apples easily. When playing the mode, you can improve your skills and prepare well for the challenges. Play the practice mode many times until you are well.

The normal mode

Click the Play button to start this mode. You will compete with many snakes. Your snake's speed will increase. You must be focused on the game to dodge your opponents. It is said that this mode offers an intensive playing field for you. Hopefully, you can collect many apples in this mode and not collide with others. Good luck!