Smileyworld Match

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The mechanics of Smileyworld Match

Welcome to Smileyworld Match where you have many exciting tasks. You need to complete all tasks to pass the challenging level with the highest scores.

A world filled with joy awaits you. Did you ever see all the icons with smiley faces? In this game, you will encounter countless icons with different shapes. They can be cherries, apples, pears, plums, etc. However, they all have smiley faces. It is the highlight of the game.

In this game, you have many tasks to move the icon to match them. You need to match three or more icons to win. If you can match many icons at the same time, you can get a large number of scores. Try to win the game. Furthermore, you also focus on the task which is shown on the left of the screen. You must complete them. The game requests you to break some tiles or collect enough required fruits.

Besides, you can see the number of moves. Your moves are limited. You need to use them effectively to win. Do not use all moves unless you will lose the game.

Some booters of Smileyworld Match

There are three boosters in this game, you can completely create them while playing the game. If you can match 4 icons, you will get the icon with a heart. A thunder icon will appear if you match 5 icons. Finally, the icon with a bubble will be yours if you match 6 icons.

Icon with heart removes three or four icons around it. Besides, the thunder icon will remove the icon in an entire column or row. You can use icons with bubbles. It will help you to remove a large number of icons in the playground.