Skiing Fred

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Some things about Skiing Fred

The targets of the game

Participate in Skiing Fred for an exciting skiing experience with the character Fred. You will control him to get away from Grimmy and avoid many obstacles.

In this game, you will play a boy named Fred. He is being chased by a devilish witch named Grimmy. On the ski track, you must control your character to ski as far as possible. Your character will be injured if you collide with ice stones, penguins, and dangerous obstacles, such as iron traps, hammers, mace, trees, etc. Do not crash into them unless you will lose and the game is over. In addition, you also focus on your tasks. You must meet some required missions, like collecting the number of skull coins or reaching the distance. When you finish your task, you can receive more skull coins as a worthy reward. You can use them to select other characters. Like Slope Ball, the game has a lot of attractive characters. Besides Fred's characters, you can choose others. They are Frida, Yolanda the Yeti, Mental Dude, Zip, Azazel, etc.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Use the spacebar to jump.

Some items you can buy in the shop of Skiing Fred

To make the game become easier, you can use your coins to buy other gears, upgrades, or boosters. They can help you to complete the game quickly.

The gear

In the game, you can equip some gear for your snowboards. Snowmobiles, Jetpacks, and Air Mounts are some things that can help your snowboard to ski faster. As a result, you can escape from Grimmy. In addition, to avoid injury, you can purchase scarves and hats to protect your character.

The upgrades

You should upgrade stomps, skully magnets, skully multipliers, jetpack fuel, snowmobiles, and snowballs. Both of them can bring a lot of benefits for you. You can collect many coins without going through them. In addition, your coins can increase dramatically thanks to skully multipliers. You can boost the power of gears in this section.

The boosters

In the game, there are some boosters that can help you save your character's life and your coins. They are Shield, Early Start, Fall Save, and Clovers. You can own them by using your skull coins. Break a leg!