Scooter Xtreme

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Join the race track in Scooter Xtreme

Your mission in the game

Scooter Xtreme is a thrilling racing game with a super scooter. To reach the finish line, you need to steer your vehicle, avoid obstacles, and collect coins.

A racetrack located next to the beautiful beach is where the fierce scooter race will take place. You will have to compete with others to be one of the first to finish. This task requires you to really focus and pay attention because on the track there are many obstacles. If you collide with them, you lose immediately.

In this race, you also need to collect as many gold coins as possible. Although you could not become the winner, you did get a lot of gold coins. They will support you to become a winner in the following races.

How to steer your scooter

To steer your vehicle, you use the left mouse button. You can hold and drag it to make your scooter move. When overcoming the speedy path, you need to hold the left mouse button to make your scooter fly and somersault. Then, release the left mouse button to land.

Some traits of Scooter Xtreme

Some achievements you can get

There are many achievements that you can achieve. If you make the request, you will receive a large number of gold coins. The harder the request, the more money there is. Try to get as many gold coins as possible. You can then use them to exchange for other scooters.

Exchange your scooter

To make the game more interesting, you can choose from different scooters. Eye-catching scooters will make you motivated to conquer challenges. You may pay 3000 to 10000 coins to own a new one. Their prices are expensive. It is best if you have enough coins to purchase.