Retro Drift

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The overview of Retro Drift

Enter Retro Drift to drift the longest distance without falling. You have to navigate your car to run and collect many coins to upgrade the car.

Welcome to the fierce race track. The track has extremely complex terrain with lots of bends, turns, and bumpy sections. This track is also highly unique. It has no walls so you can fall down at any time. Therefore, the game requires you to have high concentration unless you will lose.

On this track, you will control your car skillfully. Do not lose control because you need to go further to get a high score and collect coins. These coins will help you upgrade your car.

Control your car: You will use the mouse to control your car. Hold the left mouse button to turn. When you release the left mouse button, your car will continue to go ahead. It is best if you can drift when your car closes the bends. You also hold the left mouse button to keep your car in the air after jumping.

The boosters of Retro Drift

  • Double Scores: You need 25 coins to buy it. It will help you increase your score significantly. As a result, you can become one of the best players in the game. So, let's buy them now.
  • Car Insurance: Your car will be protected. You can continue the race if you equip Car Insurance before starting the game.
  • Vinyl Rush: Finally, increase the number of coins you have thanks to it. You will have many opportunities to upgrade other boosters if you have enough coins.