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About Recoil


Join Recoil to eliminate all opponents with a super gun. Your mission is to shoot around to overcome the platforms and destroy the others to win.

Welcome to the fierce battle of the warrior pig. You must control your character to shoot rivals down to complete the level and advance to the following levels. However, it is quite difficult for you. You cannot move your character directly. You must use the gun to shoot and create the bounce. Then, your character will bounce and overcome the platforms. As a result, you can fire your opponents who are the monster squares. You should play many times to get the lessons that can help you to understand the gameplay and principles. Good luck!

How to control

Use any keys on the keyboard to control. You also press the left mouse button to shoot.

The highlights of Recoil

In the game, you can play freely. There is no limit to your ammo. So, you easily employ ammo to be able to overcome the challenging platforms and prevent becoming stranded. In addition, you also do not have to worry about the game's time limit because it is infinite. Play until you have finished all the tasks.