Raft Wars

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Some facts about Raft Wars

The game rules

Join Raft Wars to protect your treasure from the pirates. You must shoot your rivals down with the number of required bullets to get stars and coins.

It can be said that this is an extremely dramatic sea gun battle. You will control two characters. They are two brothers. Their opponents are vicious pirates who want to attack them in order to take away the treasures that their little brother has dug while playing on the beach.

There are two characters. They are brothers. First, you will control the older brother. If the older brother character fell into the sea because he was shot, you will continue to control the younger brother to complete the mission. You have to work hard to keep both of them standing on the boat. If your characters fall into the water before your opponent, you lose.

In addition, the number of enemies will increase through the levels. The higher level you play, the more opponents you must fight against. In addition, the following levels offer some obstacles. They can limit your vision or become the shield of your rivals. Therefore, you must try your best to knock them down. Let's aim and adjust the force to shoot them. Additionally, Pacman 30th Anniversary is an ideal game for you. You can join when finishing the game.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to aim.

Release the left mouse button to shoot.

Some tips to win Raft Wars

Adjust the direction and forces

Before shooting the opponent, you should be careful to adjust the direction of the shot. You need to aim first then hold the left mouse button and drag backward to increase the shot force. The force will be displayed while you drag the mouse. 100% is the best force, which can make your rivals fall out with an only shot.

Buy other weapons

When you move to the following levels, you can get a lot of coins. You can use them to buy other weapons. You can upgrade your bullets to shoot freely. In addition, you should buy grenades and rockets to destroy all enemies simultaneously. As a result, you can get three stars which is the best reward for the winner.