Raft Dog

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The gameplay of Raft Dog

Participate in Raft Dog to discover the endless drive with a dog character. You need to control a raft with a dog to avoid obstacles while gathering coins.

Your dog is placed on a raft floating in the middle of the river. It will face countless dangers ahead that it may not be able to foresee. Can your dog conquer the river and travel the furthest distance? Let's explore the river with many risks in the game.

You will support the dog to go as far as possible. Navigate the raft so it can flow smoothly. You need to dodge the obstacles on the river. They include a lot of rocky outcrops emerging in the middle of the river. Change the direction of the raft to avoid hitting them. In addition, in the river, there are dangerous crocodiles. They will eat your dog if you do not avoid them.

In addition, you also have another important task, which is to collect coins and bones to get more points. You can get 1 point if you can collect a coin and 3 points can be added if you can collect a bone.

Some tips for you to get more coins in Raft Dog

  • Practice more to become proficient. You will dodge dangerous obstacles if you have enough experience. You will also get used to the pace of the game.
  • You can barely control the speed of the raft, so pay attention to the direction of the raft so it does not collide with any obstacles.
  • You can use both the arrow keys to control the raft and the left mouse button. Let's choose the best way to navigate your raft.