Rabbids Wild Race

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Join the fierce race in Rabbids Wild Race

The game rules

Rabbids Wild Race offers an intense race among a lot of rabbits. Control your character to run the longest distance and gather a lot of coins.

This race allows you to compete with many other opponents from all over the world. You can become the best if you can control your character to go far. You will control a cute little rabbit. Your character can run on the track. Besides, it can also use the jetpack to fly up. You can flexibly use the rabbit's actions to conquer the track.

In addition, when you try to recover the track, you will also encounter many obstacles. The overhead wires can cause your character to lose his life anytime. In addition, there are many other rabbits equipped with weapons. You must dodge them before they shoot you down. These obstacles can all threaten your life. Therefore, you need to skillfully avoid them in time.

Finally, do not miss collecting as many coins as possible. You can purchase some items that can help you conquer the race track.

How to control

To control your character, you will use the spacebar. It will help your rabbit to fly up. You can collect the coins above. You need to adjust the rabbit's height accordingly to avoid obstacles. In addition, your rabbit can run automatically so you don't need to use too many operations.

Some things in items shops

The head

There are many eye-catching hats for you. You can choose them to protect your character better. In addition, these hats require a lot of gold coins to buy. So try to collect them while racing. Try your best!

The face

In the face section, you can choose beautiful items such as eyeglasses, beards, masks, etc. You can buy them at a reasonable price. Choose all of them to customize your character.

The body

You can buy tops or gorgeous outfits in this section. You can make your character stand out on the track. The prices of the suits are quite expensive. You should consider them when buying them.