Punch Bob

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Some kinds of modes in Punch Bob

You can fight a lot of different opponents in Punch Bob to become the winner. Come up with the best strategies to kill all enemies and become the last to exist.

The game has three different modes. Each mode will have different requirements and tasks. You need to unlock them by completing all the levels in the mode first. Here are the first two modes

Punch Them mode

This is the first mode of the game. There are many levels in this mode. If you want to go to the next mode, you need to win many levels and fill in the progress bar. To get more wins in this mode, you will aim and punch a lot of enemies. You need to punch them correctly to remove them from the playing field. Your character will jump up and punch other opponents.

This model is pretty easy to get through. You need many goals to get more gold coins. You can use them to unlock other characters.

Flaming Fists

In this mode, your character does not need to punch the opponent directly. You will use flaming fists to defeat them. Release flaming fists to destroy dangerous opponents. This mode is quite attractive. You can train your shooting ability to be able to win. You will directly defeat other opponents with your talented skills. Are you ready to take on these opponents?

Controls and tricks in Punch Bob


Controlling the character is quite easy. You will use the mouse to control your character punch or release the flaming fists. Try to eliminate as many enemies as possible. Moreover, you can take advantage of the dashes to aim accurately. You will win faster in this game.

Some tricks

What do you think about defeating the opponent by shooting explosive barrels? They are placed in many different positions, you can take advantage of them to eliminate your opponents. Moreover, the game also has many other items such as rolling stones, stone bars, etc. You can turn them into great weapons to deal with your opponents.