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Some information about Powerwall

Powerwall is an interesting game that requires you to be very agile to complete the task. You have to keep the ball in the laboratory as long as possible.
In the laboratory, there is a wall of chemicals. To activate the day wall, you need to make the chemical in the test jar full. When it is full, the wall will be activated. However, it is not as simple as you imagine. These walls will enclose a ball. You need to hold the ball for the longest time in the lab. Press the button to make lightning appear and block the ball. If you let the ball go through the door, you will fail.
The game requires you to be very fast to complete the task. The speed of the ball will increase, which makes it easier for you to lose. In addition, there are many shadows that will appear at the same time. Do not let them disappear.

Some tips to win in Powerwall

To make the experiment jar full, you need to let the ball hit the wall as many times as possible. Once more balls appear, you need to keep them all. They will help you get more points and fill up the experiment jar faster.
In addition, you also need to practice your speed. You need to react faster to stop the balls. Play until the wall is activated. Good luck.