Pixel Shooter

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About Pixel Shooter


Pixel Shooter offers a lot of fierce shooting matches. You will play a soldier to fight against your enemies and collect many coins and gems.

An extremely fierce battle between warriors is breaking out in the game. Your mission is to participate in the battle and defeat all your opponents. There are two main game modes for you to select. The first game mode is PK mode. In this mode, some small modes are Single mode, Team mode, and Bomb mode. If you want to play alone, you can select the Single mode. You must compete against your rivals alone. And vice versa. You can co-up with other online players to play as a team.

Move to the second mode. Fight mode gives you many thrilling matches. In the Fight mode, there are four small modes, including Space Mode, Flag Mode, Frag Mode, and Zombie Mode. Each mode will have different missions. Let's join both of them to experience. If you love thrilling games with a fast rhythm, Death Run 3D is another choice for you.

How to control

The WASD or the arrow keys to move.

The left mouse to shoot.

R to reload.

Some outstanding features of Pixel Shooter

The heroes in the game

Many heroes are available for you to choose from. You select one of them to play, which helps you have more interesting experiences with the game. However, you must use your gems to purchase them. So, let's try to shoot many rivals to collect gems.

The amazing skills

To unlock other skills, you must have enough points. You can select some attractive skills, such as Speed, Crit, Damage, Invincible, and HP. When you upgrade them, your character will become stronger. As a result, you can eliminate all enemies in the game.

The cutting-edge guns

If you want to own other advanced guns, you must use your coins. The more powerful guns you select, the more coins you must pay. Some guns that must be mentioned are UZI, MK5, MX1014, MP5, Famas, AK47, etc.