Pingu & Friends

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How to get many eggs in Pingu & Friends

Jump into the ice stones

Pingu & Friends is a fantastic arcade game with a penguin character. With your assistance, the penguin character can get a gold egg and many scores.

Penguins cannot fly, but they can jump. In this game, the ice stones will go from the side of the playing field. When they are close to colliding with your character, you need to control the penguin to jump to dodge. If your character collides with them, you will have to stop the game. In addition, the ice stones come in a variety of sizes. You need to be agile to dodge them. Reflex skills are highly appreciated in this game. You can practice your skills.

Balance the ice stones

When you jump on the ice stones, your penguin will jump higher and reach the golden egg. You will jump over many ice stones before you get the golden egg. However, you must be careful because the size of the ice stones can cause the ice stack to collapse at any time. You need to align to jump up at the right time. As a result, you can build the balance stack. Then, collect as many golden eggs as possible. Your scores will increase significantly.

Some highlights of Pingu & Friends

The game is not limited to levels. You can play until the penguin falls down. Try to break your record after each turn. How many points can you get in this game?

In addition, you can change your character's skin. After collecting the egg, your penguin will change its skin automatically. Then, you will not be bored. The game also becomes more exciting. Let's join and experience the game. Have fun.