Om Nom Bounce

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How to deal with the enemies in Om Nom Bounce

Om Nom Bounce is an amusing shooting game. To complete the level, you have to control your character, shoot down all enemies and get many candies, and donuts.

Because Om Nom's friend is captured by the Spider Switch, he needs to rescue them. However, there are many enemies launched. These include Basic Spiders, Spray Paint, Spider Squire, etc. Each type will have its own characteristics. And all of them are very dangerous. You need to prevent them from reaching Om Nom. If they step over the border, you lose.

To defeat the rivals, you need to shoot candies toward them. Shoot until they run out of energy and disappear. You can get more candies by shooting at the available candies on the playing field to collect them.

Remember that the higher the level, the more enemies there are. The number of enemies will increase. There will be many other types of enemies who will be difficult to kill. However, you can also upgrade Om Nom or boost its talent with the candy reward.

Some upgrades and talent in Om Nom Bounce

Some boosters

There are three types of boosters. To unlock boosters, you must overcome the required levels. Then, you can use them to defeat your opponents. In addition, when you own them, you can complete the level quickly.

The talent

You can increase Om Nom's damage and health in this section. Each time you upgrade, you need more candies to buy them. So try to get as many candies as possible. Good luck.