Northern Heights

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The game rules of Northern Heights

Northern Heights offers exciting skiing. Control your character to ski smoothly and collect as many gold coins as possible to upgrade your character.

If you are a fan of the sport of skiing, you should not miss this game. The game will immerse you in exciting skiing. Are you ready to conquer this journey?

First, you will use the mouse to control your character. You hold the left mouse button to be able to accelerate and release the left mouse button to get the trick. You will get a lot of scores when you succeed. Finally, keep pressing the left button to dive. You can avoid obstacles by speeding up and then creating tricks. Your character will do somersaults without touching obstacles. Also, don't forget to collect many coins.

The outstanding features of Northern Heights

The upgrades

When you have enough coins, you can speed up your character with 70 coins. Besides, you can use 100 coins to get a lot of bonus coins. As a result, your coins will increase significantly. Use them to customize your character in the shop.

The shop

In the shop, there are a lot of items of clothing, and items to make your character become more attractive. You can buy a helmet to ensure the safety of your character. In addition, choose more colorful suits to change the character. In the end, you should choose a better ski board for your character.