Ninja Run

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The overview of Ninja Run

The storyline of the game

Participate in Ninja Run to conquer the challenges with a ninja. You will assist him in running as far as possible while collecting many coins and gems.

Ninja is a character with great skills. He is like steel and gold because he is so strong. You will control the ninja character to conquer the difficulties that await you.

In this game, your character is stuck in the sea. He can only jump across platforms to get out. However, things are not as simple as you might imagine. Gaps between platforms create huge gaps. You need to help your character jump over them safely. If you want to know the next ending of the ninja, join this adventure. There are many other interesting things waiting for you.


Your ninja will move automatically in this game. He will jump higher thanks to your management. There is a two-press limit on the jump. If you want to keep jumping, you must then land the platforms. You are unable to push the key after pressing the double jump. Unless you fall into the sea, you must make every effort to land safely. The game allows you to press any key to play.

Collect items in Ninja Run

The coins in the game are divided into three categories. They have a score of 5, 10, and 15 respectively. You should not ignore them. Collect them to get many scores. If you collect 1 gem, your score will add 50 points. Star has the most points. You will get an extra 100 scores if you collect one of them. You need to take advantage of them to obtain impressive scores. They show off your talent. Are you skillful enough to collect them? While collecting them, you also need to be careful. Dodge the spikes, dangerous boxes, and bombs.