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Some challenges in Ninja

Accompany your hero in Ninja to complete some challenges. Your missions are to collect as many coins as possible and try to reach the finish line.

Collect gold coins

You will transform into a Ninja character in this game. Your task is to control your character to collect as many gold coins as possible. The gold coins are scattered on the track. So sugar misses them. They are the motivation for you to complete your tasks. The more gold coins you can collect, the easier it is to reach the finish line. Good luck.

Reach the finish line

In addition, you also need to try to reach the finish line. However, things are not as simple as you think. Before reaching the finish line, you have to face many obstacles. You need to dodge a lot of sharp spikes. What's more, there are a lot of ghosts. You need to avoid crashing into them unless you will lose. Try your best to win. You can practice more times before joining the race. Can you be a master of the game?

Some strategies to win Ninja

Miss some coins to control well

Sometimes gold coins are placed next to obstacles, which causes a lot of risks. You need to be careful. You should miss some coins to save my character. You should not go near sharp spikes or ghosts. They will force you to stop the game. So, try to avoid them.

Run on the edge of the race track

If you control your character to go to the edge of the track, you can dodge many obstacles. However, the character's speed will also decrease. You can't run as fast as before. Therefore, you need to be careful when applying this tip.