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About Narrow.One


Narrow.One is a thrilling shooting game. In the castle, you will transform into a warrior to defeat all opponents and get their flag to become the winner.

The mission in this game is very clear. You need to kill all the enemies. They are invading the castle, the land of your country. You have to protect everything. Use your bow and arrow to shoot them down. You should remember that you only shoot guys with red flags. After knocking them down, take away those red flags to score more points.

You also need to pay attention to dodge enemy arrows. You have to fight hard until you run out of energy. The bar in the top left corner will show your remaining energy. In addition, you can also change several different types of bows to be able to complete the task better. They are available for you to choose from. Good luck.

The game can help you to have entertaining moments. This is a high-team game. You will accompany other online players to complete the mission. The first-person game makes every scene more realistic. You can invite your friends to join. Electron Dash is also highly recommended if you have already completed your quest.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow key to move.

Use the left mouse button to shoot.

Some remarkable traits of Narrow.One

The characters in the shop

Each character in the shop has a different function. Six characters include Scout, Assault, Sharpshooter, Runner, Support, and Defense. Their name presents their outstanding features. Depending on each map you choose, you can select the most suitable character. For example, if you join the Arena map, you should select the Sharpshooter character to start the game.

The maps for you to try

There are 15 maps available for you to choose from. They include Castles, Alleys, Ruins, Towers, Halls, Hills, Walls, Graveyards, etc. You can play the maps in turn to find out the best map.