Mummy Candies

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What's appealing of Mummy Candies

Mummy Candies offers the world many sweets. You need to meet the target by collecting many sweets and use your sweets to exchange the power-ups.

To start playing the game, you will learn how to control your character. Your character in this game is a mummy. His mission is to collect large candies hidden underground. He will use his hand shaped like a hook to collect them. You will help your character align the direction and release the hook. You just need to use the left mouse button to complete this task.

Remember that you must complete the mission quickly before the time runs out. In the allotted time, try to collect the big candies. They will help you get more points. You must achieve the required number of points to pass the level. In addition, you should skip the small stones, the dry bones. They do not give you too many points. They just waste your time. Try your best to conquer as many levels as possible.

The tricks to win in Mummy Candies

Buy the power-ups

Scissors and Energy are two power-ups available to you. You use scissors if you want to remove the item you are trying to get. Usually, you use it to remove rocks and bones which is taking your time. If you purchase the energy, your character will be stronger. It can collect more big candies. They can be purchased with the points you earn from gathering sweets. Let's collect more candies to buy them.

Save the time

You need to observe quickly and cast quickly because your time is short. You will lose if you cannot complete the mission in time. You need to practice many times to become a master. Your agility will help you succeed.