Monsters Up

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Increase your scores in Monsters Up

Strive to reach the highest stars in Monsters Up. Your scores will increase when you jump on wooden boards, and rocks that are trying to stack.

A cute little monster is your character in this game. The little monster will get many points if it completes the quests. The first task is to jump on wooden boards and rocks. They will appear from the sides of the screen one by one. When they are close to touching your character. You have to jump up. They will appear and gradually form a stack that helps your monster up. When successfully jumping over wooden boards and rocks, you will get one point. However, you also need to keep in mind that you need to jump at the right time for your stack to become the strongest.

Finally, once you have grown, you need to maintain your success. Do not make your stack fall. Then, get the stars to get more points. The higher the star, the more points. Good luck.

The tip to win in Monsters Up

The boards and rocks are of different sizes so it is easy for your stack to collapse. So the best way is to let them stop in the middle of the playing field. Do not make them skewed to either side unless you will lose. In addition, you must take caution so as not to be ruined by them.