Memory Match

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Three game modes in Memory Match

Memory Match is an interesting entertainment game. Your task is to flip the cards face down to find the same cards and complete the missions in the game modes.

The game offers three different game modes. Your mission in the modes is also different. If you are ready to conquer difficult challenges, join the game now.

Level mode

In this first mode, your task is to find the same cards so that they disappear from the playing field. Your challenge is that you can only look at them for a second. You have to memorize their locations. You will then turn over the cards that you think are the same to discard them. In addition, to pass the level you need to complete two rounds. Complete the mission within the allotted time to move to the following levels. Levels with higher difficulty are waiting for you.

Time attack mode

Your mission in this second mode is quite similar to the first mode. You also need to turn over the same cards to remove them from the playing field. However, you cannot level up in this mode. You will have 60 seconds to complete the task. If you succeed, you will get an extra 15 seconds. This mode requires agility to win. So, you have to try to get rid of the cards with cute images.

Relaxing mode

It is said that this mode is the easiest mode. You will not need to be under time pressure like the two modes above. You can find similar cards slowly. This mode is suitable for beginners.

Controls in Memory Match

The controls of this game are quite easy. You just need to use the left mouse button to play. Let's click on the cards to choose. You do not need to use too many operations when playing the game. Try your best to win. Good luck.