Marble Dash

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How to shoot the balls in Marble Dash

Welcome to Marble Dash to prevent the ball from reaching the portal. Show your shooting skills to complete your missions and get a large number of coins.

To protect the temple, you must remove the balls. They are rolling towards the gate at a fast speed. If they reach the portal, you lose instantly. So the game requires you to have excellent shooting skills with high accuracy. You must shoot quickly to pass the land and move to the following lands with many exciting things.

Before moving to the following lands, you need to shoot the balls to match three balls of the same color. They will disappear when you shoot the ball correctly. If you shoot incorrectly, the number of balls will increase. As a result, you will have to stop the game. Good luck!

The highlights of Marble Dash

The daily rewards

Every day you join the game, you will receive a reward for your hard work. You will receive 100 coins on the first day. The value of the reward will increase gradually. You can get more coins. In addition, you can also open treasure chests to receive other rewards. If you are lucky, you will get developments.

The developments

The game has three types of developments. They have used these power-ups. The first one is the Flash. It can help the ball's fire speed increase. Next, you can select the Filling to get more coins. The Last Is The Quiet. The ball's rolling speed will be slower. It will be harder to reach the portal which creates a chance for you. Take advantage of these developments to win.