Man Or Monster

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The targets of each character in Man Or Monster

Man Or Monster allows you to role-play one of two characters to join the fight. You must try to destroy your opponent's base or destroy your opponent.

The man

The game offers two modes. If you select to play as a man, you must defeat your opponent. It is a huge monster. The monster wants to destroy your city, which is the reason why you must try your best to beat it. You must shoot it with your cutting-edge gun. Let's shoot until your rival runs out of energy. Both your energy and the monster's energy will be shown through the progression bar. You must maintain your energy so as not to run out before the monster. In addition, each monster will have some weaknesses. If you shoot at the right position, you can win quickly. The monster will become more powerful and hazardous gradually. You must try your best to knock it down.

The monster

On the other hand, if you play as a monster, you have to destroy the city. You should destroy the tall buildings first, which will make people lose their shields. Then, you can easily ruin the whole city. You will become the winner when humans have no energy left to resist. You also remember that humans are crowded, so you must be quick before they shoot you down. At each level, you can transform into different characters. They are powerful and giant. Like the character in Dino Game, the first character in this game is a tyrannosaurus.

How to playMan Or Monster

Man Controls

WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Use the mouse to look around.

Use the left mouse to shoot.

Use the right mouse to take the jetpack.

Use the mouse wheel to cycle units.

The space bar for building units.

Monster controls

WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Use the left mouse to destroy the city.

Use the right mouse to move to the second attack.

The space bar for special attacks.

Use the mouse wheel to cycle attacks.