Mahjong 3D Candy

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Clean up the playing field in Mahjong 3D Candy

Cute printed mahjong pieces are waiting for you in Mahjong 3D Candy. You have to match two same mahjong pieces to clean the playing field and pass the level.

The mahjong pieces are printed with lots of sweets. They are cakes, lollipops, cookies, etc. It is truly a paradise for sweet addicts. Therefore, the game's graphics are extremely eye-catching. You will experience them when playing this game.

Your task in this game is to choose the same mahjong pieces to make them disappear. However, not every piece of mahjong is selectable. Some mahjong pieces located in the bottom layer of ash cannot be retrieved. Some mahjong pieces that are blocked by other mahjong pieces also cannot disappear. You must remove them one by one unless you will be struck.

The traits of Mahjong 3D Candy

The game offers a lot of challenging levels. You need to pass them in turn. The higher the levels, the harder it is. The number of mahjong pieces has also increased significantly. Are you ready to conquer the game?

In addition, the sound and graphics of the game are also great. You will be immersed in the sweet candy world. The wonderful sounds will make you more relaxed. Have fun.