Lil Wing

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The information about Lil Wing

Control a bird character in Lil Wing to experience the track. You need to avoid crashing into many pillars to go further and collect as many coins as possible.

The game has gameplay quite similar to Flappy Bird. However, it still has differences in graphics and characters. In this game, you will still control a bird. You need to help it fly as far as possible. Your journey will have the appearance of many pillars. They create a space for you. You have to fly over them without colliding with any pillars. It is best if you can be careful and skillful to be able to overcome them.

In addition, there are many gold coins in the game. You need to collect all of them to increase your scores. Try your best to reach the longest distance. Have fun.

Controls in Lil Wing

If you have ever played Flappy Bird, you will find the control of this game extremely easy. You just need to use the spacebar to make your character fly higher or lower. Adjust the height of the character accordingly to pass through the gaps between the pillars. You can train your speed and reaction ability. Good luck.